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Greetings in the LORD

Plans for the Lawrence 1200 drive-in church are setup and plans are going great!

Damon and Chris came out Thursday night and did a sound check and it sounded great.

So at 11 am the service will begin.

Here are a few signals:



Flash Lights:


Rev Your Engine:


We would love for you to come Sunday morning but we want you to follow the church guidelines that have already been posted:

• If you’re in the most vulnerable group for COVID-19 (precondition/ immune issues/older) and you decide that you are going to come, I would not recommend that you get out of your car for communion.

 • If you or any of your family have been exposed to a person with the coronavirus or the flu, or have recently experienced symptoms associated with the flu or the common cold…PLEASE take all precautions including staying home for the recommended time and take care of your health.

• Before coming to church, please wash your hands. If you are serving at church, please be extra diligent in this.

• Pray! For our government officials, our friends and neighbors, and our foreign missionaries. And don’t forget, the Lord is in control.

• The only reason that you will be exiting your vehicles is for using the restroom or to take communion. Communion will be offered one car at a time, so please only one group out of a vehicle at any particular point for that.

• Dress warm so that you can roll down your window.

This is a first (we have had a lot of them lately) so if you see something that might help or something that needs to change feel free to make suggestions

See you tomorrow!

Pastor David Martin


With the safety in mind of others, our secret sister reveal has been canceled. If everyone would please mail a card to their secret sister, revealing who they are. We will schedule a get together once everything is back to normal.
God Bless


Greetings in the LORD

Well we are living in times that could only be explain as uncertain times.

 I’m running out of feet for “the other foot to fall “ .

Anyway, God is great, and we will get through this with HIM and together.

In times like these I always think of I Tim 2:1-4

1 I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone– 2 for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 3 This is good, and pleases God our Savior, 4 who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. 5 For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,

I’m sure that we all have an opinion on how this aught to be handled and certainly have both praise and criticism for our leaders from Washington all the way down to city officials but at the same time you should be praying GOD wisdom for each of them .

I can tell you one thing for sure that that I miss seeing you all, studying and worshipping and fellowshipping with you.

So here is what we are planning to do this Sunday March 29 ,2020 at 11am.

It’s the Lawrence 1200 drive-in Church service.

Just plan on pulling up and staying in your car.

 We will have parking lot attendance making sure that we don’t fight for the parking spaces in the back.

Wear warm cloths because you’ll be rolling down your windows to hear the worship and message.

After the message we will let one car at a time take communion and then service will be over.

Restrooms will be provided in the MMB and disinfected periodically throughout the service. (please one or 2 at a time)

A lot of things will have to come together for this service, and we  will need willing helpers .  

I’ve got setup and takedown people Damon, Chris and Preston,

If you would like to help let me know and I will see if your needed.

Understand that we will be limiting the number of helpers so that we meet the no more than 10 in a group request from Lawrence County.

This service will also be lived streamed and recorded for you to watch at your convention if you are unable to be here.


What About Giving?

As we think about an empty auditorium, we face a very real problem.

This church is supported by the regular Sunday giving by all of you faithful members.  Since we are not going to be meeting for a while, that means we are not going to have the opportunity for giving as part of our worship.  I want to let you know that it is vital for us going forward to make sure that we still are able to support our ministries.  Even though services are not happening, so many other ministries are going on. We need you to continue to support the church that you love so much.

There are a couple ways you can do this:

We have set up online giving on our web page: www.elmbranch.org  (On the top right-hand side, click on Give.)  For those who do not wish to do that, you can mail a check to Elm Branch Christian Church, 17591 Lawrence 1200, Aurora, MO 65605 — or  you can drop it by the church in the mornings Tuesday through Sunday,  just let me know you are coming .

I want to remind you of how critical this is as we endeavor to sustain the ministries at EBCC through the end of this trial that we are all going through.


  • CIY
  • Ozark Christian College Womens’ Event: Rise Up
  • Wednesday night services until further notice
  • Maranatha Work Day Saturday, March 28